IT security from all angles

High technical proficiency has, from the very beginning, been SecureDevice’s hallmark and we intend to maintain this focus. The objective is that SecureDevice shall, at all times, be a strong, focused and consolidated IT security partner for our customers.

Our customers

At SecureDevice, we are proud of our customers, and we are very conscious of the fact that we are helping to protect the foundation of their business.

Here you can see some of our customers:


Security review

Among SecureDevice’s core services are security reviews of network traffic. The purpose of these reviews is to investigate the threat level your company network – or parts of it. With your real network traffic and needs as a starting point, our experienced security consultants present a status report and a number of prioritised recommendations for how to raise your level of IT security where the impact is greatest.

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What our customers say

“Not only did SecureDevice help us to improve our rules during the implementation process but they continue working together with us to update them as the threats evolve.”

Michael Warrer, CIO, NRGi

“Our IBM QRadar SIEM solution delivered by SecureDevice has considerably improved our network monitoring capabilities.”

Michael Warrer, CIO, NRGi

“I am very happy about the collaboration. The consultants know the product really well and are very skilled. I will no doubt use SecureDevice for other security tasks and would gladly recommend it to others.”

Kristoffer Hansen, IT systems specialist, Kammeradvokaten / Law firm Poul Schmith

Our partners

We work with the best technology suppliers on the market.
Here you can see some of our partners:


Market-leading solutions

Our large variety of market-leading products means that we can deliver the right solution – for precisely your business.

Here is a small extract of the award-winning technologies that we deploy:

IBM QRadar

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HCL BigFix

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Cofense PhishMe

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IBM Watson

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9 out of 10 of our customers would recommend us unsolicited to friends and colleagues.
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