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Here you can gain an overview of the areas covered by our services. If you are looking for a specific solution or an area that you cannot find, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

easycurity –
Phishing Defence Service

With Phishing Defence Service from easycurity the client will have a solution which will change the behavior and resiliency of the employees against phishing mails to avoid costly cyberattack.

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easycurity –
SIEM as a Service

With a SecureDevice SIEM as a service agreement, the customer gets a managed and hosted IBM QRadar SIEM- solution that is continuously optimised and tuned by one of SecureDevice’s own security consultants.

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FlexSAC – Security monitoring

Compared with the high fixed prices of classic 24/7 surveillance services, a FlexSAC agreement makes it possible to offer continuous monitoring of the customer’s alarms / offenses in their QRadar SIEM solution at a lower fixed cost.

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SecureDevice Security Management

With SecureDevice Security Management the enterprise gets a security installation comprising, e.g., IBM QRadar, IBM XGS IDS/IPS, HCL BigFix and/or HCL AppScan adapted to the needs of the enterprise and security. The technical solution will be combined with SecureDevice Security Surveillance adapted to the needs of the enterprise from quarterly meetings to security monitoring 24/7/365.

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Emergency Response

The Incident Response Team offers organisations quick on-site assistance to manage everything from small malware infections or data recovery to advanced and sustained attacks.

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Managed Security Services

Actively protect your enterprise’s network and information 24/7 with Managed Security Services from IBM Security Services – at a fraction of the cost of “in-house” security.

IBM Security Services has helped to set the standard for accountability, reliability and protection in Managed Security Services (MSS) since 1995.

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Advice on IT security

At SecureDevice, our consulting services are not off-the-shelf items. Each solution and each consultancy flow is adjusted to the needs of our customers in all phases. A SecureDevice solution may include everything from help for the preparation of a specification of requirements, proof of concept, technical implementation and maintenance to support. We are also willing to participate actively in all phases of the project and also offer to assume responsibility for effective project management from start to finish.

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Security review

Among SecureDevice’s core services are security reviews of network traffic. The purpose of these reviews is to investigate the threat level your company network – or parts of it. The result is typically used to assess whether it is worthwhile for the company to implement an IDS / IPS system for ongoing monitoring of the network security.

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Technical Competence

SecureDevice is a technical company specialising in the delivery of IT security solutions in the field of mobile and network security. To ensure high quality implementation and support, we place considerable demands on our employees’ technical skills and knowledge of IT security.

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Our model of cooperation

We offer professional consultancy assistance in all phases of the project from pre-study to support. Regardless of whether or not we provide products for the solution, we are willing to assume full responsibility for project management and typically base project progress on this cooperation model:

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Our strength lies in many years of experience and a wide knowledge of IT security. You are, therefore, always welcome to contact us for a no-obligation meeting about your challenges or wishes for future projects.

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SecureDevice as a partner?

IT crime is in constant development, and your IT security solutions are, therefore, rarely better than the people who handle them. It is important to us that our customers see SecureDevice as part of the solution and not just as a supplier.

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