Emergency Response

The Incident Response Team offer organisations express on-site assistance to handle everything from small malware infections or data recovery to advanced and sustained attacks.

They quickly determine the extent of an attack and will begin repairing the problems immediately using proven techniques to safeguard compromised networks.

They are a part of the European Cyber Security Group (ECSG), Europe’s largest independent provider of CERT-services, and our Incident Response Team constitutes an authorized CERT™.

When you have an Incident Response Retainer Agreement, we respond immediately to any detected security issues.

The Incident Response Team then analyses the system and the network as well as your log files and any malware. We then provide you with a recommended course of action.

The time it takes to carry out the assessment will vary depending upon the actual event and the available information. You can be asked to provide remote access, run detection tools and/or provide physical access to one or more devices on your network.

When the threat of an event has been reduced, our focus changes to the eradication of all traces of the threat and restoration of your systems that are affected.

We quickly determine the scope of an attack and intervene immediately with documented techniques to isolate and remedy compromised networks.

  • 24-hour access to support.
  • Fully integrated service package.
  • The provision of a detailed report and time line.
  • Assistance when you need it, or from case to case.
  • Forensic analysis, when you ask for it.
  • Reverse engineering, when you ask for it.

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