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The digital threat grows, evolves and is becoming increasingly advanced. Our customers are busy running their core business, and they often lack the time and the right resources to monitor alarms (offenses) and thus potential threats in their QRadar SIEM solution.

SecureDevice’s FlexSAC offers continual monitoring and security evaluation of the alarms generated by the customer’s SIEM solution so that our customers continually actively receive notification from one of our security consultants when they should focus on a given security threat. This releases time for the core business without compromising the security level.

SecureDevice’s IT security consultants are the Nordic region’s most experienced IBM QRadar specialists, and this combination means that SecureDevice can quickly evaluate and understand the security events from IBM QRadar and then inform the customer of what must be done – either by the customer himself or via a deeper analysis by SecureDevice’s security officer if the customer so requires.

FlexSAC offers lower fixed costs for monitoring and flexibility when the need arises.

Compared with the high fixed prices of classic 24/7 surveillance services, a FlexSAC agreement makes it possible to offer continuous monitoring of the customer’s alarms / offenses in their QRadar SIEM solution at a lower fixed cost. When the customer is informed of critical alarms by SecureDevice’s security consultants, the customer can choose whether to carry out the further analysis themselves, or whether they want assistance from Secure Device’s security consultants via a ticket coupon model. Thus, customers pay only for the real needs of monitoring and analysis.

SecureDevice FlexSAC will, by default, comprise the following on-going activities that can be adapted to the needs of the customer.

  • Remote review and assessment of alarms / offenses in IBM QRadar.
  • Notification according to the reviewed offenses and the possibility of reaction / analysis as needed.
  • Up or downgrading of alarms / offenses.
  • Reporting and recommendations based on our specialist skills and many years of experience.
  • Access to QRadar / IT-security specialists, which reduces the need for the enterprise to recruit and maintain its own specialist security competency internally.
  • SecureDevice has the largest and most competent QRadar Team with local Danish specialists and has been recognized for 5 consecutive years as IBM Security Partner of the Year.
  • The possibility of ensuring early detection of security events and rapid response, which is relevant, i.a in relation to 72-hour notification requirement in GDPR.
  • Use your time and internal IT skills to focus on the core business and the daily operation.

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