Managed Security Services

IBM Managed Security Services actively protects your business network and information 24/7 and at a fraction of the cost of ‘in-house’ security. IBM Security Services has helped to set the standard for accountability, reliability and protection in Managed Security Services (MSS) since 1995.

These services are designed to help the company to safeguard its data and security situation, decrease the total cost and demonstrate compliance through a partnership with IBM for the monitoring and control of your enterprise’s security operations, regardless of device type or manufacturer – 24/7/365 or adjusted to the customer’s needs.

IBM Managed Security Services provides the expertise, tools and infrastructure which the enterprise needs to safeguard its information and assets against Internet attacks 24/7/365, often at a fraction of the cost of ‘in-house’- security resources. Included in the solution is access to the IBM Virtual SOC Portal, a secure, web-based management tool that provides a simple user interface with an easy overview of security events in the infrastructure.

With IBM Security Services’ Managed Security Services, the enterprise will have the advantage of improved operational, financial and strategic efficiencies across the enterprise:

The total cost of information security will be reduced by up to 55%, which can then be reallocated to other commercial purposes.

Achieve and maintain conformity with the enterprise’s requirements through on-going security risks, monitoring and documented security policies and procedures.

A vendor-neutral approach that supports a wide variety of equipment types from many suppliers, including Blue Coat, Checkpoint, Cisco, IBM, Juniper, McAfee and other security vendors.

IBM offers Managed Security Services in two portfolios: Managed Security Services and Cloud Security Services.

Managed Security Services

IBM Managed Security Services provides 24/7/365-monitoring and control of the security technology in the enterprise’s environment. IBM provides a common management console that looks at the whole security infrastructure, so your company can mix and match according to device type, manufacturer and service level to meet the individual business needs, achieve a drastic reduction of the costs of security, simplify security administration and reduce the response time.

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