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Here you can gain an overview of the areas covered by our services. If you are looking for a specific solution or an area that you cannot find, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Network Security

Using market-leading, intelligent and automated solutions, we help our customers to create a solid IT security foundation that can be maintained using only a few resources.

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Security awareness / anti-phishing

More than 90% of all successful attacks start with an employee who clicks on a phishing mail!

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What are you offering unwanted guests? By encrypting business-critical data, we help to minimise or completely avoid the damage that may be done if IT criminals gain access to your internal network.

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Mobile devices provide more opportunities and greater flexibility … also for IT criminals. Create a secure mobile environment for your employees without compromising the user experience!

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Our strength lies in many years of experience and a wide knowledge of IT security. You are, therefore, always welcome to contact us for a no-obligation meeting about your challenges or wishes for future projects.

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SecureDevice as a partner?

IT crime is in constant development, and your IT security solutions are, therefore, rarely better than the people who handle them. It is important to us that our customers see SecureDevice as part of the solution and not just as a supplier.

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