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More than 90% of all successful attacks start with an employee who clicks on a phishing e-mail! Therefore, you must help your employees to be able to change their behavior so that they change from being a risk to being an active defense against phishing scams.

Cofense PhishMe is a solution that helps to change users’ behavior and awareness around phishing e-mails. Using the solution, employees change from being a vulnerable target (for the e-mails that succeed in slipping under the existing technological defense) to being a more proactive human defense against attack.

The solution: Cofense PhishMe

The Cofense platform is a solution for organisations that want to increase employee awareness around phishing e-mails for the purpose of avoiding the risk and occurrence of a hacker attack, which traditional random sampling measurements and classic awareness campaigns find insufficient.

Using Cofense, SecureDevice can provide a new approach to solving the challenge, ensuring that the work with awareness is not just about minimising the risk, but rather also about ensuring your employees become an active part of your defense.

Main functionalities

  • Simulated phishing campaigns, training and direct feedback to the user
    Based on a comprehensive (and continuously updated) back catalog of campaigns (phishing scenarios) and associated training, Cofense PhishMe makes sending out false phishing e-mails to selected employee groups fast and easy. Cofense PhishMe subsequently ensures that targeted and effective training is solely given to those employees who clicked on links, uploaded passwords or similar which potentially could constitute a hazard for the organisation. In this way – for both employees and the organisation – it is ensured that the level of training in relation to phishing/awareness is optimised, and thus valuable working hours are not spent on education and training when it is not relevant and where the employees are not motivated to receive (and remember) awareness training.
  • Users are involved as an active defense
    Used alongside Cofense PhishMe, Cofense Reporter is a simple solution that ensures that when attentive employees identify a suspicious e-mail, they can easily and safely report it to the IT Department. The PhishMe Reporter button is an e-mail plugin that is installed as an integrated part of the organisation’s e-mail solution (Outlook, O36, Outlook for Mac, Lotus Notes and Gmail). When the employee identifies a suspicious e-mail and presses the button, he/she receives direct feedback. If a suspicious e-mail is part of a simulated campaign from Cofense PhishMe, the employee receives direct feedback (well spotted, thank you for being so attentive, etc.) and if it is a real potential phishing e-mail, the employee can report the e-mail to the organisation’s incident response team or IT security department with a single click, after which the e-mail disappears from the employee’s inbox, safely and simply.
  • Fast and effective action/incident response in relation to potential phishing e-mails
    If required, the solution can be extended with Cofense Triage, which (based on a set of rules and an analysis of the user’s report history) bundles and prioritises all reported e-mails, so that the organisation ensures a faster response time to the most critical threats. Learn more about Cofense Triage here.

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