Phishing Incident Response

Cofense Triage (previously known as PhishMe Triage) provides the IT Security Department/Incident Response Team with the fastest and most detailed information for handling e-mail/phishing threats effectively and without wasting time on chasing false positives.

Even though the figures have improved in the last couple of years, it still takes on average 191 days to discover a data breach. That is a very long time for a hacker or a cybercriminal to have access to your network’s resources and sensitive data.

With such a large share of breaches that can be ascribed to the phishing e-mail target group, we must change our focus from solely trusting our technology to involving our biggest resource – our employees.

The solution: Cofense Triage

Cofense Triage is the first phishing-specific incident and response platform that allows the IT Security Department and Incident Response Team to visualise and automate the prioritisation, analysis and response to the phishing threats that attempt to circumvent your email security. This provides you with the visibility and information which you need to accelerate the action and response to the phishing threats reported by employees from Cofense Reporter.

Cofense Triage also helps to remove “noise” and automates feedback for the user on the types of e-mails that had previously been identified as being okay, e.g. e-mails from known sources. Our experience shows that 15% of all reported e-mails are genuinely malicious and here Cofense Triage can help by rapidly identifying which other users received the same e-mail via a Who Else function. The next steps can then be taken very quickly, by removing these e-mails from all inboxes and thus avoiding the threat before it strikes the organisation or by taking action before the damage becomes too great.

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